The Bluebook
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graphical material, used in citing, R3.2(d)
page range, used in citing, B5.1.2, R3.2(a)
sections of code, used in citing, R3.3(b)

Databases (see Electronic databases)

administrative compilations, R14.2
amended constitutional provisions, R11
amended statutes, R12.6.3
bilateral and multilateral treaties, R21.4, R21.4.5(a)
books and pamphlets, R15, R15.4
case history, R10.5, R10.7
cases, R10.1, R10.5
cases, cited to U.S.L.W., R10.1, R10.5(d)
cases, in electronic databases, R10.3.1(b), R18.1.1
cases, in looseleaf services, R10.1, R10.8.1, R19.1(d)
cases, in newspapers, R10.1, R10.3.1(b)
cases, in slip opinions, R10.1, R10.8.1(b)
cases, international, R21.1(b)
cases, International Court of Justice, R21.1(b), R21.5.1(e)
cases, pending, R10.5(c), R10.8.1(c)
cases, unreported, R10.1, R10.8.1(c)
Code of Federal Regulations, R14.1, R14.2
codifications of statutes, R12, R12.3.2, R12.4(e)
constitutions, when used, R11
enactment, session laws, R12.4(d)
ethical opinions, R12.8.6
ethical rules, R12.8.6
exact date, administrative cases, R14.3.2(a)
exact date, cases, R10.1, R10.5, R10.8.1(b), R19.1(d)
exact date, Congressional debates, R13.1
exact date, international agreements, R13, R21.4.4
exact date, International Court of Justice cases, R21.1(b)R21.5.1(e)
exact date, letters, speeches, and interviews, R17.1.3-R17.1.5
exact date, ordinances, R12.8.2
exact date, periodicals, R16, R16.4
exact date, services, R19.1(d)
exact date, statutes, R12.4
exact date, treaties, R21.4.4
exact date, unpublished works, R15.5.2(b), R17
exact date, unreported cases, B5.1.3, R10.8.1(b), R18.1.1
exchange of notes, R21.4.4
filing of appeal, R10.1
filing of cases, R10.1, R10.8.1(b)
forewords, R15.6
Internal Revenue Code, B6.1.5, R12.8.1
international agreements, R21.1(a), R21.4.4
Internet sources, R18.2.3(e)
legislative materials, B6.1.6, R13
looseleaf statutory codifications, R12.3.2
model codes, R12.8.5
multilateral treaties, R21.1(a), R21.4.5(a)
multiple decisions in one year, R10.5(d)
multivolume works, R15.1, R15.3
newspapers, B9.1, B9.1.4, R16, R16.5(a)
ordinances, municipal, R12.8.2
periodicals, R16
pocket parts, books, R15.4(d)
prefaces, R15.6
prior to 1900, books, R15.4(c)
regnal years, in English statutes, T.2, T.2
repealed constitutional provisions, R11
repealed statutes, R12.6.2
restatements, R12.8.5
rules of court, B6.1.3, R12.8.3
rules of procedure, B6.1.3, R12.8.3
services, R19.1(d)
session laws, B6.1.1, R12.4
standards, R12.8.5
statutes, R12.3.2
statutes, amended, R12.6.3
statutes, cited to session laws, R12.5(b)
statutes, foreign, R20.5
statutes, in current code, R12.2.1(a), R12.3.2
statutes, in supplements to code, R12.3.1(e)
statutes, not in current code, R12.2.1(b), R12.3.1(f)
statutes, repealed, R12.6.2
statutes, uniform acts, R12.8.4
supplements, books, R3.1(c), R15.4(d)
supplements, codes, R3.1(c), R12.3.1(e)
titles ending in, R3.2(a), R15.3
treaties, R21.1(a), R21.4.4
U.N. materials, R21.7
undated journals, R16.4
uniform acts, B6.1.3, R12.8.4
unreported cases, R10.1, R10.8.1
U.S. Supreme Court cases, R10, R10.5
year of decision of case, R10.5
“d/b/a,” omission in case names, R10.2.1(a)


congressional, R13.1, R13.5, R18.1.3
European Parliamentary Assembly, R21.8.2(b), R21.8.3, T.3
legislative, R13.1, R13.5
Republic of Ireland, T.2
United Kingdom, T.2

Decimal point, R6.2(a)
“Decision(s),” abbreviation of, T.16
Declaration of Independence, R3.3

citation rules and style guides, BT.2
sources of law,
R3.3(b), R12.3.1(b), R12.9(c), T.1

Deletions from quotations, R5.1(a), R5.3
Denial of certiorari, R2.1(e)-R.2.1(f), R10.7, 340
Denial of rehearing, when given, R10.7
Department of Agriculture, T.1
Department of Commerce
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, T.1
Patent and Trademark Office, T.1

Department of Education, T.1
Department of Energy, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, T.1
Department of Homeland Security, T.1
Department of Justice,  T.1
Department of Labor, 
Department of State publications,
R21.4.5, R21.11, T.13
Department of the Interior,  T.1
Department of the Treasury, T.1
Department, state court,
B5.1.3, R10.4(b)
Depublished cases, R10.8.1(d)
Descriptive terms, omitted in case names, R10.2.1(e)
“Developments in the Law,” R16.6.2(b)
Dictionaries, B8.1, R15.8(a)
Dictum, indication of, R7(b), R10.6.1(a)
Digest of Justinian, T.2
Digest of United States Practice in International Law, R21.11(a)
Digests, international, R21.11(c)
Disciplinary rules, R12.8.6
Discussion drafts, R12.8.5
Dismissal of appeal, R10.5(c), R10.7.1(b), T.8
Dismissal without opinion, R10.5(c)
Dissenting opinions, B5.1.4, R3.2(a), R10.6.1(a)
Dissertations, unpublished, R17.1.2, R18.2.2(c)
District court, federal

cases in, R10.4(a), T.1
rules of, R12.8.3

District of Columbia

Circuit Court of Appeals for the, R10.4(a), T.1
citation rules and style guides, BT.2
sources of law,

Divided court, parenthetical indication of, R10.6.1, R10.8.1
Division, federal courts, 
Docket number

appeal or petition for certiorari, R10.1
briefs, records, motions, memoranda, R10.8.3
pending cases, R10.8.1
renumbering, R10.8.1(b)
unreported cases, R10.1, R10.8.1(c)

Document number

intergovernmental organizations’ materials, R21.8.1-R21.8.2, R21.8.5
U.N. publications, R21.7


intergovernmental organizations, R21.8
legislative, R13.1R13.4
published, collected, R15.5.2(a)
U.N., R21.7
unpublished, collected, R15.5.2(b)

Dollar amounts

numerals used, R6.2

Dual citation, when required, B5.1.3, R10.3
DVDs, R18.5