The Bluebook
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Economic and Social Council, official records, U.N., R21.7.1, R21.7.8(a), T.3
E.C.R. (European Community Reports), R21.5.2(a), T.3

abbreviation of, R15.4(a), T.14
books and pamphlets, R15.4
Code of Federal Regulations, R14.2(a), T.1
Congressional Record, R13.2(a), R13.5
The Federalist, R15.8(c)
first edition, when cited, R15.4(c), R15.8(b)
names of, R15.4
when indicated, books and pamphlets, R15.4
year, R15.4


books and pamphlets, R15.2
codes, R12.3.1(d)
collected works, R15.5
reporters, R10.3.2
shorter works in collection, R15.5

“E.g.,” as signal, B4.3, R1.2(a)

Egypt, Arab Republic of
sources of national law, T.2
Electionic Case Filings (ECF), R10.8.3
Electronic databases

Bloomberg, R10.8, R18.3, T.15
books and pamphlets, R15.9 .
cases, B5.1.3, R10.8.1(a), R18.1.1, R15.1
containing separately published works, 
Dialog, R18.1, R18.1.4
generally, R18.1
legislative materials, R18.3
LEXIS, B5.1.3, R10.1, R10.3.1(b), R10.9(a)
R18.3, R10.9(a), R18.1.2, R18.7(a)
news reports, R16.5(d), R18.1.4
periodicals, R16.7.8, R18.3
secondary materials, R18.1.4
short citation forms, R10.9(a), R18.7(a)
statutes, R18.1.2
VersusLaw, R18.1.2
Westlaw, B5.1.3, R18.1, R18.7(a)

Eleventh Circuit (see Fifth Circuit Split)
Ellipsis, R5.1
E-Mail, R18.2.4
Emergency Court of Appeals, R1.4(c)T.1, T.7
Emphasis in quotations, R5.2(d)
Emphasis, italics for, R2.2(a), R7(a)
“En banc,” parenthetical indication of, R2.1(e), R7(b), R10.6.1(a)
Encyclopedias, legal, B8.1, R15.8(a)
Endnotes, R3.1(c)
“Enforced,” in case history, R10.7.2, T.8
“Enforcing,” in case history, T.8
England and Wales

sources of national law, T.2

English Reports—Full Reprint, T.2, T.2
Environmental Protection Agency, T.1
Epilogues, R15.6
Equal Employment Opportunity Act, R13.6
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, T.1
Essays in collection (see also Shorter works in collection)

citation of material in, R15.4
editor, R15.2
parallel citation to, R1.6(a)
“supra” short form, R15.9
typeface, R15.5

“Estate of,” in case names, B5.1.1, R10.2.1(b)
“Et al.”

authors’ names, B8.1, B8.2, R10.8.3, R15.1(b)
case names, omitted, B5.1.1, R10.2.1(a)
editors’ names, R15.2, R15.4(a), R15.8(c)

“Et seq.,” prohibition on use, R3.3(b)
Ethical considerations, R12.8.6
Ethics, codes of, R12.8.6
European Commission of Human Rights, R21.5.3
European Court of Human Rights, R21.1(b)R21.5.3T.3
European Court of Justice (see Court of Justice of the European Communities)
European Parliament Working Document, R21.8.2(b), T.3
European Parliamentary Assembly, R21.8.3
European Union materials, R21.5.2, R21.9, T.3.3
Evidence, rules of, B6.1.3, R12.8.3
“Ex rel.,” in case names, B5.1.1, R2.1(a), R2.2(a), R10.2.1(a), R10.2.1(b)
Executive Agreement Series (E.A.S.), R21.4.5(a), T.4
Executive Office of the President, T.1
Executive orders, 
Explanation of cited authorities, use of parentheticals, (see Explanatory Parentheticals)
Explanatory parentheticals

cases, B5.1.4-B5.1.5, R10.6
European Parliament debates, R21.8.2(b)
generally, B11, R1.2(a), R1.5, R2.2(b)
internet sources, R18.2.2(c)
order within citation, R1.5(b)
statutes, R12.7

Explanatory phrases

abbreviations used in case citation, T.8
amended statutes, R12.6
constitutions, amended or repealed, R11
italicization of, R10.7.1, T.8
repealed statutes, R12.6.2
typeface used in court documents and legal memoranda, B13
typeface used in law review citations, B13, R2.1
weight of authority, R10.6.1, R10.7.1
weight of authority in court documents and legal memoranda, B5.1.4

Expressions, mathematical, R7