The Bluebook
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Federal Appendix, R10.5(b), T.1
Federal Aviation Administration, T.1
Federal Cases, T.1
Federal courts (see also individual court name)

citation rules and style guides, BT2.1
courts of appeals, T.1
courts of decision, R10.4
district courts, T.1
generally, T.1
Supreme Court, official cite only, T.1

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, T.1
Federal government (see United States)
Federal Judicial Center

Manual for Complex LitigationR15.8(c)

Federal Labor Relations Authority,T.1
Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission, T.1
Federal Practice and Procedure, B8.1, R15.1, R15.8(c)
Federal Register, B11, R12.7, R14.1, R14.2, R14.5.1, R14.6(b), R14.7, R14.10(c), T.1
Federal Regulations, Code of, R14.1, R14.2, R14.10(c), R18.1.3, R18.3, T.1
Federal Reporter, B.5.1.2, B5.1.3, T.1
Federal Reserve, T.1
Federal Rules Decisions,
Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, R12.8.3
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, B6.1.3, R12.8.3
Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, R12.8.3
Federal Rules of Evidence, B6.1.3, R3.4, R12.8.3
Federal Rules Service, T.1, T.15
Federal statutes (see Statutes, Statutes at Large)
Federal Supplement, B5.1.2, B5.1.3, R2.2(a), T.1
Federal taxation materials (see Tax materials)
The Federalist, R15.8(c), R15.9.1
Fifth Circuit Split, R10.8.2
"Figure," R3.2, T16
Films, R18.5, R18.7(d)
First editions, when cited, R15.4, R15.8(b)
First listed relator, not omitted in case names, R10.2.1
First names and initials

authors of books and pamphlets, R15.1, R15.9.1
authors of articles, R16.1, R16.7(b)
case names, R10.2.1(g)


citation rules and style guides, BT.2
sources of law, B6.1.2, BT.2, R12.2.1(b), R12.6.2, T.1

“Folio(s),” abbreviation of, T.16

abbreviation of, B5.1.2, R3.1(b), T.16
citation of, R3.1(b)
consecutive and nonconsecutive, R3.1(b)
cross-reference to, R3.5
material previously cited in, R4
multipage, R3.1(b)
multiple, R3.1(b)
numbers in, R6.2
omission from quotation, indication of, R5.1(a), R5.3(c)
spanning several pages, R3.1(b)
textual material, typeface used in, R2.2
typeface used for citations in, R2.1

“Footnote(s),” abbreviation of, B5.1.2, R3.1(b), T.16
“For the use of,” abbreviated to “ex rel.,” R10.2.1(b)
Foreign alphabets, R20.2.4, T.2.9, T.2.12, T.2.16, T.2.20, T.2.24, T.2.26, T.2.33, T.2.37,T.2.41
Foreign countries (see also name of individual country)

abbreviation of, T.10
International Court of Justice cases, R21.1(b), R21.5.1

Foreign derivation, italicization of words of, B13, R7(b)
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, R10.4(a)
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review, R10.4(a)
Foreign language

abbreviation of words, R20.2.3
constitutions, R20.4
court name and location, give English version, R20.3.2
English versions and translations, R20.2, R21.2, R21.5.4
names, R10.2.1(g)
words italicized, B13, R7(b)

Foreign materials (see also name of individual country)

abbreviations, R20.2.3
alphabet, R20.2.4
cases, generally, R20.3
civil law, R20.3.2 
(see also name of individual country)
codes, statutory, R20.5
common law, R20.3.1 (see also name of individual country)
constitutions, R20.4
English used in naming courts, R20.3.2(a)
establishing abbreviations in initial citation, R20.2.3
international (see International agreements, International organization materials)
international agreements, R21.1(a), R21.4
jurisdiction, R20.1, R21.3
official treaty sources, T.4
periodicals, R20.6
short citation forms, R20.7
statutes, R20.5
treaties, R21.1(a), R21.4
treaty sources, T.4

Forewords, R3.2(a), R15.6, R16.1, R16.3
Formal opinions on professional responsibility, R12.8.6
Forthcoming publications, R17.2

sources of national law, T.2

Frequently cited authorities, short forms for, R4
“F.S.B.,” in case names, R10.2.1(h)