The Bluebook
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Gaius, Institutes of, T.2
General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), R21.8.4
General Assembly, official records, U.N., R1.4(g), R21.1(d), R21.7.2(a), R21.7.8
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, R12.8.5
Generally Accepted Auditing Standards, R12.8.5
Geographical terms

abbreviations, T.10
case names, R10.2.1(f)


citation rules and style guides, BT.2
sources of law, B5.1.3, BT.2, R1.1(c), R12.3.1(b), R13.2(c), T.1


La¨nder (see La¨nder, Germany)
sources of national law, T.2

Given names

authors, R15.1
corporation, partnership, and business names, R10.2.1(c), R10.2.1(h), R15.1(c)
individuals, R10.2.1(g)

Government Accountability Office, R13.4, T.2
Government agencies

annual and regular reports, R13.4(d), R14.2(c), R14.6(e)
authors, as, R13.4(b), R15.1(c)
books and numbered publications, R15.7
capitalization of, R8(b)
subdivisions,  R15.1(c)

Government Printing Office Style Manual, R8(b)
Government publications, U.S., R14.2, R14.5, R14.6-R14.8
Graphical materials, 61

sources of national law, T.2

Groups of authorities previously cited, reference to, R3.4-R4.2

citation rules and style guides, BT.2
sources of law, T.1

Hague Court Reports, R21.1(c), R21.6, T.5

citation rules and style guides, BT.2
sources of law,    BT.2, R3.1(c), T.1

Headings, capitalization in, R8(a)

congressional, B6.1.6, R1.5(a), R4.2, R13, R13.3
titles of, printed in italic type, B6.1.6, R1.5, R4.2, R13.1, R13.3
typeface used in court documents, B13

“Hereinafter,” used for shortened citation forms, B4, R4.2(b)
History of cases

both prior and subsequent, R10.7
dates of decisions, B5.1.3, R10.5
different case name on appeal, B5.1.5, R10.7.2
explanatory words, abbreviations, T.8
explanatory words italicized or underscored, B5.1.4, B13, R2.1(e), R2.2, R10.7.1, T.8
“mem.,” opinions designated as, R10.3.2, R10.6.1(b)
multiple decisions within single year, R10.5(d)
multiple dispositions, R10.2.1(k), R10.7.1(d)
ordering within signal unaffected by, R1.4(d)
overruled cases, R10.6.3, R10.7.1(c)
“per curiam,” opinions designated as, R10.6.1(b)
position of parentheticals, R1.5(b), R10.6.3
prior and subsequent, R10.1, R10.7
prior history indicated for memorandum decision, R10.6.1(b), R10.7
prior history, when given, R10.7
remand, when given, R10.7
separate decisions of other issues, when cited, R10.7
significance of disposition, R10.7
subsequent history, B5.1, B5.1.5, R1.6(b), R10.1, R10.7
subsequent history, appeal filed, docketed, R10.1, T.8
subsequent history, certiorari applied for, granted, denied, R10.1, R10.7, T.8
subsequent history, names of parties, when different on appeal, R10.7
subsequent history, reason for subsequent disposition, R10.7
typeface, B5.1.5, B13, R10.7, T.8
weight of authority, R10.6.1

History of statutes

amended statutes, R12.2.2(b), R12.6.3
parenthetically indicated, R12.7


alternative, indication of, R10.6.1(a)
concurring opinion, B5.1.4, R3.2(a), R5.2(e), R10.6.3, R10.9(b)
contrary to citations, R1.2(b)
dictum, R10.6.1(a)
dissenting opinion, B5.1.4, R3.2(a), R5.2(d), R10.2, R10.6.1(a), R10.6.3
implied, indication of, R10.6.1(a)
plurality opinion, R10.6.1(a)
unclear, indication of, R10.6.1(a)

Hong Kong

sources of law, T.2

House of Commons

debates and Journal, T.2

House of Lords

court, T.2
debates and Journal, T.2

House of Representatives (see Congressional materials)
Human Rights

European Commission of, R21.5.3, T.3
European Court of, R21.1(b), R21.5.3, T.3
Inter-American Commission on, R21.1(b), R21.5.3, T.3
Inter-American Court of, R21.5.4

Hungary, Republic of

sources of national law, T.2