The Bluebook
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“L” italicized as letter in subdivision, R7(d)
Labor unions, in case names, R10.2.1(i)
Länder, Austria T.2
Länder, Germany T.2
Large and small capitals (see Typeface)
Latin words

case names, italicizaction in, R2.1(a)R10.2.1(a)
citation forms, italicization in, R7(b)
italicization of, R7(b)
procedural phrases in case names, R7(b)
short citation forms, italicization in, R4

Law Journal Reports, T.2
Law journals and reviews

abbreviations, English-language, T.13
abbreviations, spacing of, R6.1(a)
authors’ names, B9, R16.1
basic citation forms, B9, R16
book reviews, R16.6.2(c)
citation analyzed, R16
citation order, R1.4(i)
colloquia, R16.6.3
commentaries and special article designations, R16.6.4
commentary cited with case, R1.6
comments, B9R16.6.2
components of citation, B9.1, R16
consecutively paginated, R16.3
electronic databases, R16.8, R18.3, R18.8(b)
foreign, R20.6
generally, B9, R16, R16.6
multipart articles, R16.6.5
new series (n.s.), T.14
nonconsecutively paginated, B9.1.2, R16.4
notes, B9.1.3, R16.6.2
order within signal, R1.4(i)
projects, R16.6.2(b)
short citation forms, R16.7
short commentary, R16.6.2(b)
student material, B9.1.3, R16.6.2
special issues, R16.3
surveys, R16.6.3
symposium, R16.6.3
typeface in court documents and legal memoranda, B13
typeface in law review citations, R2.1
typeface in law review text, R2.2

Law Times Reports, T.2
Lawyer’s Reports Annotated (L.R.A.), annotations in, R16.6.6
Leaflets, R15.8(c)
League of Nations materials (see Intergovernmental organization materials)
League of Nations Treaty Series (L.N.T.S.), T.3, T.4
Lebanon, Republic of

sources of national law, T.2

Legal dictionaries, R15.8(a)
Legal encyclopedias, R15.8(a)
Legal newspapers (see Newspapers)
Legal services, looseleaf (see Services and topical reporters)
Legislation (see Codes, Session laws, Statutes)
Legislative histories, R13.2-R13.7
Legislative materials, B6.1.6, R13

basic citation forms, R13.1
bills and resolutions, R13.2
citation order, R1.4(i)
committee prints, R13.4
components of citation, R13.1
Congressional Research Service reports, R13.4(d)
debates, R13.5
documents, R13.4
English, T.2
Government Accountability Office reports, R13.4.(d)
hearings, B6.1.6, B13, R1.4(e), R4.2, R8(b), R13.1, R13.3, R13.7(c), T.2
Internet sources, R18.1.3
legislative histories, R13.2-R13.7
online sources, R13.7
order within signal, R1.4(b)
parallel citations, R13.2(a), R13.2(b), R13.4(a), R13.6
presidential messages, R14.7(b)
reports, R13.4
secondary authorities, R13.6
short forms, R13.7
state, R13.1, R13.2-R13.3
typeface used in court documents and legal memoranda, B13
United Kingdom, T.2
unnumbered documents, R13.4(b)

Letters and memoranda, R14.1, R14.6(a), R15.5, R15.9.1, R16.5, R17.1.3, R18.2.2(b), R18.2.3
Letters of the alphabet, altered in quotations, R5.2
LEXIS, B5.1.3, B6.1.1, R10.1, R10.3.1(b), R10.9(a), R12.3.1(b), R12.3.1(d), R18.1, R18.7(a) , R21.5.2(a)
Local court rules, B1, B2, B5.1.3, BT.2, R10.3.1(a), T.1
Location, phrases of

letters, speeches, and interviews, R17.1.3-R17.1.5
omitted from case names, R10.2.1(f)
unpublished works, R17.1, R10.9(a)
Long case names, R10.2.1

"hereinafter" form, when used, R4.2(b)

Looseleaf services (see Services and topical reporters)
Looseleaf statutory codifications, R12.3.2
“Lord Justice,” abbreviation of, T.11

citation rules and style guides,BT.2
sources of law, R4.1, R10.3, R10.9, R11, R12.4(c)T.1

“Ltd.,” in case names, B5.1.1, B5.3, R10.2.1(c), R10.2.1(h)