The Bluebook
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“N.A.,” in case names, R10.2.1(h)
Name of state, when omitted in case name, R10.2.1(f)

authors, articles, R16
authors, books and pamphlets, R15-R15.1
book reviews, R16, R16.6.2
bound services, abbreviated, T.15
commonly abbreviated, R6.1(b), R10.2.1(c), R10.2.2, T9-T10
editions of books and pamphlets, R15.4-R15.7
editors, R15.2-R15.5
looseleaf services, abbreviated, T.15
newspaper sections, R16.5(a)
newspapers, abbreviated, T13
parties, when different on appeal, R10.7.2
periodicals, abbreviated, English language, T13
periodicals, abbreviation and typeface, R16
prepositions in periodical names, T13
rules and regulations, R14.2
services, R19
services, abbreviated, T.15
session laws, B6.1.1, R12.4
state, when omitted, R10.2.1(f)
statutes, R12.2.2-R12.3.2
translators, R15.2
treaties, R21.4-R21.4.1

Names of cases (see Case names)
National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Law, R12.8.5
National Labor Relations Act, R13.6
National Labor Relations Board, T.1
National Mediation Board, T.1
National Oceanic and Atmosphereic Administration, T.1
National Reporter System (see Unofficial reporters)
National Transportation Safety Board, T.1
Navajo Nation

sources of law, T.1


citation rules and style guides, BT.2
sources of law, R10.2.1, R13.3.2T.1

Netherlands, Kingdom of the

sources of national law, T.2
treaty source, T.2


citation rules and style guides, BT.2
sources of law, R1.1, R12.3.1, R12.5 , T.1

New Brunswick

sources of law, T.2

New Hampshire

citation rules and style guides, BT.2
sources of law, T.1

New Jersey

citation rules and style guides, BT.2
sources of law, R13.8, T.1

New Mexico

citation rules and style guides, BT.2
sources of law, R2.1(a), R3.3(a), R10.3.3, T.1

New series (n.s.) of periodical, T.13
New York

citation rules and style guides, BT.2
sources of law, B5.3, R10.2.1(f), R10.7.1(a), BT.2, T.1

New Zealand

sources of national law, T.2, T.2
treaty source, T.2


sources of law, T.2

Newsletters, R16.6.8

abbreviated names, T.13
articles, R16.5(a), R20.6
authors, R16.5(a)
bylines of articles, R16.5(a)
cases cited to, R10.1, R10.3.2
citation analyzed, R16
citation of, R16, R16.5(a)
citation order, R1.4(i)
columns, not indicated, R16.5(a)
consecutively paginated, R16.3-R16.5
dates, R16.3-R16.5
editions, R16.5
editorials, R16.5(a)
electronic databases, R16.5(d), R18.1.4
foreign, R20.6
generally, R16.5(a)
letters to the editor, R16.5(a)
online, R16.6(e)
op-ed. articles, R16.5(a)
pages, R16
pinpoint citations, R16.5(a)
sections, R16.5(a)
statutes cited to, R12, R12.2.1, R12.5
titles of articles, R16.5(a)
titles of, printed in italic type, R2.1(c), R2.2(a)
typeface, B9.1.1, B13, R2.1(c), R2.2(a), R16, R16.5(a)
typeface in court documents and legal memoranda, B13
typeface in law reviews, R2.1
when cited, R10.3.1(b), R12.1


sources of national law, T.2


sources of national law, T.2

“No.,” in case names, R10.2.1(c)
“[No signal]” as signal, R1.2(a)
No-action letters, SEC, R14.1, R14.6(a)
Nonconsecutive pages, citation of, R3.2(a)
Nonconsecutive sections, citation of, R3.3(b)
Nonperiodic materials (see Books and pamphlets)
North Carolina

citation rules and style guides, BT.2
sources of law, R12.3, T.1

North Dakota

citation rules and style guides, BT.2
sources of law, T.1

Northern Ireland

sources of law, T.2, 327–29

Northern Mariana Islands

citation rules and style guides, BT.2.3
sources of law, BT.2, T.1

Northwest Territories

sources of law, T.2

“Note,” designating student work, B9.1.3, R2.1(d), R3.2(a), R16.6.2, R17.1.1, R17.3
“Noted in,” use of, R1.6(c)
Notes (see also Footnotes)

appended material, R3.4
statutory notes, R12.3.1(h)
student-written, R16.6.2

Nouns, capitalization of, R8(b)
Nova Scotia

sources of law, T.2

Novels (Roman Law), T.2
Number and series

European Community materials, R21.8.2
League of Nations materials, R21.8.1
Permanent Court of International Justice, R21.5.1
U.N. materials, R21.1(d), R21.7

Number of case

administrative cases, R14.3.2(b)
appeal or petition for certiorari, R10.1, R10.8.3
court documents, R10.8.3
federal cases, T.1, T.1
medium neutral citation, R10.3.1(b), T.2, T.2, T.2, T.2
pending cases B5.1.3, R10.1, R10.5(c), R10.8.1
public domain citation, R10.3.3
renumbered, R10.8.1(b)
service citations, R19.1
unreported cases, B5.1.3, R10.4, R10.8.1


Arabic numerals designating monarchs, T.2
Arabic numerals designating volumes, R3.1(a), R3.2(a)
beginning sentence, R6.2(a)
Circuit number, capitalization, R8(b)
commas in, R6.2(a)
Congress and session, R13.2-R13.7
designating subdivision, numerals used, R6.2(a)
docket (see Number of case)
dollar amounts, numerals used, R6.2(a)
English monarchs, T.2
ethical opinion, R12.8.6
five or more digits, R6.2(a)
generally, R6.2(a)
inclusive pages, R3.2(a)
inclusive paragraphs, R3.3(c)
inclusive sections of codes, R3.3(b)
legislature, R13.2-R13.7
ordinal, R6.2(b)
ordinance, R12.8.2
patent number, R14.9
percentages, numerals used, R6.2(a)
round numbers spelled out, R6.2(a)
Roman numerals, R3.2(a), T.2
serial, of books and pamphlets, R15.7
serial, of publications, R15.
series, consistency in, R6.2(a)
spacing of, in abbreviations, R6.1(a)
volumes designated by Arabic numerals, R3.1(a)

“Number(s),” abbreviation of, T.16