The Bluebook
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Occupational Safety and Health Act, R12.3.1(a), R13.6
“Of America,” omitted in case names, R10.2.1(f)
Office of Legal Counsel, opinions, R14.4
Official and West reporters

generally, B5.1.2, R10.3
U.S. Supreme Court, T.1

Official codes

American, R12.3
foreign, R20.6 (see also name of jurisdiction)
online, R12.1, R12.5

Official Journal of the European Communities, R21.8.2(a), T.3
Official Journal of the EuropeanUnions, R21.8.2(a)T.3
Official names of statutes, R12.3.1(a)
Official or authenticated online documents, R18.1(a), R18.12.1

Official public domain citation, R10.3.3
Official records (see Records)
Official records, U.N., R21.7
Official releases of administrative agencies, R14.3.2
Official reporters (see also name of individual jurisdiction)

abbreviations used, T.1
administrative cases, R14.3.2(a), T.1
foreign cases, T.2
state cases, B5.1.2, R10.3.1(a), R10.4, T.1
U.S. Supreme Court cases, T.1
when to cite, B5.1.2, R10.3.1

Official sources

international agreements, T.4
international arbitrations, T.5
public domain citation, R10.3.1
statutes, foreign, T.2
treaties, T.4

Offprints (see Photoduplicated reprints)

citation rules and style guides, BT.2
sources of law, T.1


citation rules and style guides, BT.2
sources of law, R12.3.2, T.1

Oklahoma Native Americans

sources of law, T.1


book and pamphlet titles, R15.4(a)
case names, R10.2.1
quotations, R5.3

“On the relation of,” abbreviated to “ex rel.,” R10.2.1(a)

“Opened for signature,” use of, R21.4.4

administrative, R14.4
concurring and dissenting, R3.2(a), R10.6.1(a)
ethics, R12.8.6
formal advisory, R14.1, R14.4
seriatim, R10.6.1(c)

Opinions of Attorney General, R14.1, R14.4
Opposing citations, introductory signals to, R1.2(c)
Order of citation, R1.1, R1.4
Order of parentheticals, R10.6.3

parallel Internet citations, R18.2.2(c)

Orders, regulations, and rulings of administrative agencies, R14.1-R14.6
Ordinal numbers, R6.2(b)
Ordinances, municipal and county, R12.8.2

citation rules and style guides, BT.2
sources of law, T.1

Original edition of books, citation to star pages, R15.8(b)
Original source

identified after a quotation, R1.6(a)

“Overruled by,” in case history, R10.7, T.8