The Bluebook
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Quasi-statutory material, R13-R14.2, R14.5
Queen’s Bench, T.2, T.2T.2

“Questioned in,” use of, R1.6(c)
Quotation marks, R5

alteration of, R5.2
generally, R5
identification of original source, R5.2
long and short, R5.1
mistakes in, indicated by “[sic],” R5.2(c)
omissions in, R5.3

“Quoted in,” use of, R1.6(c)
“Quoting,” use of, R1.6(c)

in case parentheticals, R10.6.2

Radio broadcasts, R18.5
Recent cases, citation of, R10.1, R10.3.1(b)R10.8.1
Recent cases, in law reviews, R16.6.2(a)
Recent decisions, in law reviews, R16.6.2(a)
Recent developments, in law reviews, R16.6.2(a)
Recent statutes, R12.2R12.3.2
Recent statutes, in law reviews, R16.6.2(a)
Recordings, audio, R18.6

cases, B10, R10.8.3
U.N., R21.7.1

“Referee,” abbreviation of, T.11
References to previously cited authorities, R4
Regional Rail Reorganization Court, T.1
Regional reporters, B5.1.3, R10.3
Regnal years, in English statutes, T.2, T.2T.2
Regulations of administrative agencies

generally, B6.1.4, R14.1-R14.2
Internal Revenue, B6.1.5, R12.8.1, R14.1, R14.5
short citation forms, R14.10
Treasury, B6.1.5, R14.1, R14.5


denial, when indicated, R10.7R10.7.2
“sub nom.” not used, R10.7.2

“Rehearing granted [denied],” in case history, T.8
Related authority, R1.6
“Relation of,” abbreviated to “ex rel.,” B5.1.1R10.2.1(a)
Relator, first listed, not omitted, R10.2.1
Releases, SEC, R14.1R14.6
Remand, history of case on, R10.7
Renumbered and reprinted reports, R10.3.2
Reorganization plans, R14.6R14.7(a)

books and pamphlets, R15.4
case reporters, R10.3.2

“Repealed by”

in constitution citation, R11
in statute citation, R12.6.2

Repealed constitutions, R11
Repealed statutes, R12.6.2
Repeating citations, R4
Report of Judgments, Advisory Opinions and Orders, R21.5.1(c)T.3
Reporter editor, when given, R10.3.2
Reporters of cases

    (see also Services and topical reporters)
abbreviations, R10.3.2
administrative, R14.3.2, T.1
American, T.1
annotations of cases, R16.6.6
Common Market cases, R21.5.2(b)T.3
computer services, R10.9(a)R18.7
court administrative orders, R14.8, T.1
dual citations, B5.1.3, R10.3.1, R10.3.3R10.9(b)
early American, R10.3.2
editor named, R10.3.2
electronic databases, R10.9(a), R18.7(a)
federal, T.1
foreign, R20.3, T.2
generally, B5.1.2, R10.1, R10.3
international arbitrations, R21.1(c), R21.6, T.5
jurisdiction named, R10.4
medium-neutral citation, R10.3.1(b), R10.3.3
official and West, when cited, B5.1.3, R10.3.1(b)
page citation, R10.3.2
parallel citation, B5.1.3, R10.3.1, R10.3.3R10.9(b)
public domain citation, R10.3.3
publications considered as, R10.3.2
renumbered and reprinted, R10.3.2
requiring dual citation, B5.1.3, R10.3.1, R10.3.3R10.9(b)
services, permanently bound, R19
state, B5.1.3, R10.3.1(a), R10.3.2
unofficial, when cited, B5.1.3, R10.3.1, R10.3.3
volume citation, R10.3.2
International Court of Justice, R21.1(b), R21.5.1


    (see also Reporters of cases)
administrative and executive, R14.3.1
Congressional Research Service, R13.4(d)
Government Accountability Office, 
legislative, R13, R13.4

“Representative,” abbreviation ofT.11
Reprinted case reporters, R10.3.2
“Reprinted in,” use of, BT.2, R1.6(a), R3.4, R12.3.1(g), R13.4(a), R13.6, R15.5.2(a), R18.1.3R21.7.9
“Reprinted in,” with multiple sources, R13.1R14.7(a)  
Reprints, photoduplicated, R15.4(b)  
Research Institute of America (RIA)

services, T.15
(see also Services and topical reporters)


congressional, R13.1, R13.2
European Union, R21.8.2(b)
intergovernmental organizations, R21.7.10R21.8.5
state, B6.1.6, R13.1
statutory, R13.2
U.N. organs, R21.1(d), R21.7.2

Restatements, B6.1.3, R3.4, R12.8.5

comments, B6.1.3, R3.4, R12.8.5

Revenue Acts, B6.1.5R12.8.1
Revenue Rulings, R14.1, R14.5.2(a)
Revenue Procedures, R14.5.2(a)
Reversals, in subsequent case history, R10.7
“Reversed,” in case history, B5.1.5, R10.7.1(a)T.8
Reversed names of parties, citation of on appeal, R10.7.2
“Reversing,” in case history, T.8
Review, cited with book reviewed, R1.6(c), R16.6.2
“Reviewed by,” use of, R1.6(c)
Reviewer of book, R16.6.2
“Reviewing,” use of in book review citation, R1.6(c), R16.6.2
Revised Reports, T.2
Revision (Canadian statutes), T.2
Rhode Island

sources of law, T.1

Roman Catholic Church, (see Catholic Church )
Roman law references, T.2
Roman numerals, when not used, R3.1T.2
Roman type (see Typeface)
“R.R.,” in case names, R10.2.1(h)R10.2.2

administrative, R14, R14.2
court, R12.8.3
ethics, R12.8.6
evidence, B6.1.3, R12.8.3
procedure, B6.1.3, R12.8.3

Rules and regulations, proposed, R14.2(b)  
Russian Federation

sources of national law, T.2
treaty sources, T.2