The Bluebook
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Taiwain, Republic of China
sources of law, T2

Tax Court, citation of cases,
R14.3.1(a), R14.5.3, T.1
Tax materials

cases, R14.5.3
codes, B6.1.5, R12.8.1
Cumulative Bulletin, B6.1.5, R14.5.2
general counsel memoranda, B6.1.5, R14.5.2(d)
generally, R14.5.2
Internal Revenue Bulletin, R14.5.2
Internal Revenue Code, B6.1.5, R12.8.1
practitioners’ citation forms, B6.1.5
private letter rulings, B6.1.5, R14.1, R14.5.2(b)
revenue procedures, R14.5.2(a)
revenue rulings, R14.1, R14.5.2(a)
technical advice memoranda, R14.5.2(c)
Treasury decisions, R14.5.2
Treasury regulations, B6.1.5, R14.1, R14.5.1

Telephone interviews, R14.6(c), R17.1.4
Television broadcasts,
R18.5, R18.7(d)
Temporary Emergency Court of Appeals, T.1

citation rules and style guides, BT.2
sources of law, T.1

Tentative drafts, restatements, and model codes, R12.8.5
“Term,” capitalization of, R8(b)
Term of court, R9(c)

abbreviation of, T.10
citation rules and style guides, BT.2
souces of law, T.1


citation rules and style guides, BT.2
sources of law, T.1


abbreviation of case names in, R10.2
court documents and legal memoranda, typeface in, B13
law reviews, typeface in, R2
numbers in, R6.2

Textual footnote materials

typeface used in, R2

Textual material in same work, cross reference to, R3.5
Textual reference to statutes, R12.9
“The,” in case name, R10.2.1(d)
Theses, unpublished, R17.1.2
Times Law Reports, T.2

abbreviations, R15.3
articles in periodicals, R16.2
book reviews, R16.6.1, R16.6.2(c)
books and pamphlets, R15.3
capitalization of, R8(a), R15.3
codes, statutory, R12.3.1(b)
collected documents, R15.5
congressional documents and reports, R13.4
direct Internet citations, R18.2.3(c)
ending with date, R15.3
foreign, R20.2.2
hearings, R13.3
international agreements, R21.4, R21.4.1
multivolume works, R15.7
newspaper articles, R16.5
pamphlets and books, R15.3
personal titles, R9(a), T.11
services, R19.1
student-written materials, R16.6.2
subtitles of books, R15.3
Supreme Court Justices, R9(a), T.11
surveys and symposia, R16.6.3
treaties, R21.4, R21.4.1
typeface, B13, R2, R15.3, R15.5, R16.2, R17.1.1
U.N. materials, R21.1(d), R21.7
unpublished works, R17

“Title(s),” abbreviation of, T.16
“To,” used in place of hyphen, R3.2(a)
“To be codified at,” R12.4(e), R14.1, R14.2
Topical reporters (see Services and topical reporters)
Trademarks,  R21.7.1, T.3
Transcript of record, B10.4, R10.8.3
Transcripts, R10.8.3
audio recordings of court proceedings, 

Transfer binders, services, R19.1(a)
Translations of titles, R20.2
"Translating," R2.2
Translators of books, R15.2
Treasury decisions, R14.5.2
Treasury Decisions Under Internal Revenue Laws, R14.5.2(a), T.1
Treasury regulations, B6.1.5, R14.5.1
Treaties (see also International agreements)

citation analyzed, R21.1(a), R21.4
generally, R21.4

Treaties and Other International Acts Series (T.I.A.S.), R21.4.5, T.4
Treatises, B8.1, R15-R15.4

    (see also Books and pamphlets)

Treaty collections, T.4
Treaty Series (T.S.), T.4
Trusteeship Council Official Records, U.N., T.3
Typed manuscripts, R17.1.1

articles, authors of, R16
articles, titles of, R16.2
authors, articles, R16
authors, books, R15.1
authors, works in collection, R15.5
bills and resolutions, R13.2
books, authors of, R15-R15.2
books, cited in court documents and legal memoranda, B8.1, B8.1
books, cited in law reviews, R2
books, titles of, R15.3
bound services, R19.1
case history terms, B5.1.5-B5.2, T.8
case names, in court documents and legal memoranda, B5.1.1-B5.1.2
case names, in explanatory parentheticals, R2.2(b)
case names, in law review citations, R2
case names, in law review text, R2.2(b)
citations in court documents, B3
codes, R12.3
collected works, R15.5
commentary, indication of, R1.6(c)
constitutions, R11
court documents and legal memoranda, B2
documents, legislative, R13.4
explanatory parentheticals, R2.2(b)
explanatory phrases in court documents and legal memoranda, B5.1.4
explanatory phrases in law review footnotes, R2.1(e)
footnotes, citations in, R2.1
footnotes, text in, R2.2(b)
generally, B2, R2
hearings, R13.3
international agreements, R21.1(a)
interviews, R17.1.4
italics, B2
italics, in footnote citations, R2.1
italics, in law review text, R2.2(a)
italics represented by underscoring, B2
italics showing style, R7(a)
large and small capitals, R2.1, R12.3, R12.8.2-R12.8.4, R15.1, R15.3, R15.5.2, R16, R18.5
large and small capitals, in footnote citations, R2.1
law review citations, R2.1
law review text, R2.2(a)
letters, memoranda and press releases, R17.1.3
looseleaf services, R19.1
manuscripts, R17.1.1
model codes, R12.8.5
newspapers, R16.5
ordinances, municipal, R12.8.2
ordinary roman type, B2, R2
periodicals, names of, R16
publications, cited in court documents and legal memoranda, B9
publications, cited in law review footnotes, R2.2(b)
punctuation, R2.1(f), R2.2(c)
related authority, indication of, R1.6
reporters, R10.1, R10.3.2
reports, legislative, R13.4
restatements, R12.8.5
roman type, in footnote citations, R2.1
roman type, in text, R2.2(a)
rules of court procedure, R12.8.3
services, R19.1
session laws, R12.4
shortened citation form, R4
signals, B4, R2.1(d)
speeches, citations to, R17.1.5
standards, R12.8.5
student-written materials, R16.6.2
subsequent and prior history of cases, R10.7, T.8
textual footnote material, R2.2(b)
textual material in law reviews, R2.2(b)
theses, R17.1.2
titles, R15.3, R15.8
treaties and other international agreements, R13.4
underscoring, use of to represent italics, B2
uniform acts, R12.8.4