The Bluebook
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Unclear holdings, indication of, R10.6.1(a)
Uncodified laws, R12.3.1(f)
Understandings, international, R21.4
Uniform acts, R12.8.4
Uniform Adoption Act, R12.8.4
Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.), R4.1, R12.8.4
Uniform Laws Annotated (U.L.A.), R12.8.4
Unions, in case names, R10.2.1(i)
United Kingdom

sources of national law, T.2

United Nations materials

Charter, R21.4
citation analyzed, R21.7
generally, R21.7
official records, R21.7.1
periodicals, R21.7.9
sales documents, R21.7.7
yearbook, R21.7.9

United Nations Reports of International Arbitration Awards, T.5
United Nations Treaty Series (U.N.T.S.), R21.4, R21.12(a), T.4
United States

administrative publications, R14, T.1
bankruptcy appellate panels, R10.4(a), T.1
bankruptcy courts, R10.3.1(b), R10.4(a), R19.1, T.1
Board of Tax Appeals, R14.3.1(a), R14.5.3, T.1
circuit courts, old federal, R10.4(a), T.1
Circuit Justices, R10.4(a), T.1
Claims Court, T.1
Commerce Court, T.1
Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, T.1
Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, T.1
Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, T.1
Court of Claims, T.1
Court of Customs and Patent Appeals, T.1
Court of Customs Appeals, T.1
Court of Federal Claims, T.1
Court of International Trade, T.1
Court of Military Appeals, T.1
Court of Military Review, T.1
Court of Veterans Appeals, T.1
courts of appeals, R10.4(a), T.1
Customs Court, T.1
district courts, R10.4(a), T.1
Emergency Court of Appeals, T.1
international agreements, R21.1(a), R21.4
Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, R10.4(a), T.1
Military Service Courts of Criminal Appeals, T.1
Rail Reorganization Court, T.1
session laws, R12.4, T.1
statutory compilations, R12.3, T.1
Supreme Court (see U.S. Supreme Court)
Tax Court, R14.3.1(a), R14.5.3, T.1
Temporary Emergency Court of Appeals, T.1
treaties, R21.1(a), R21.4

“United States,” abbreviation of, R6.1(b), R10.2.1(f), R10.2.2, R15.1(d)
United States Code (U.S.C.)

appendix, R3.4, R12.3.1(g), R14.1
generally, R3.3-R3.4, R12.3, R12.6, R12.9, T.1
supplement, R12.3.1(e)

United States Code Annotated (U.S.C.A.), R12.3, R12.3.1(d), R12.8.1, T.1
United States Code Congressional & Administrative News (U.S.C.C.A.N.), R12.2.1(a), R12.5(b), R14.7(b)
United States Code Service (U.S.C.S.), R12.2.2(a), R12.3, R14.7(a), T.1
United States Department of State

official treaty sources, T.4

United States Law Week (U.S.L.W.), R10.4(a), T.1, T.15
United States Reports, T.1
United States Supreme Court

abbreviation of, R10.4(a), T.1
administrative orders, R14.8
capitalization of, R8(b)
Circuit Justices, R10.4(a), T.1
citation, R10, T.1
citation in subsequent history, R10.1, R10.7
cite only to official reporter, T.1
date of decision, R10.5
docket numbers, R10.1, R10.8.1(b)
Justice, sitting as Circuit Justice, R10.4(a), T.1
Lawyer’s Edition, T.1
recent decisions, R10.1, T.1
renumbered and reprinted reporters, R10.3.2, T.1
rules, R12.8.3
seriatim opinions of, R10.6.1(c)
subsequent history, R10.7
Supreme Court Reporter, T.1
U.S. Law Week, R10.4(a), T.1
U.S. Reports, T.1

United States Treasury, decisions and regulations, R14.5
United States Treaties and Other International Agreements (U.S.T.), R21.4.5, T.4
Unofficial codes, differently numbered, R12.3.1(b)
Unofficial reporters

    (see also name of individual jurisdiction)
administrative cases, R14.3.2(b)
federal courts, T.1
state courts, B5.1.3, R10.3.1

Unofficial sources

international arbitration awards, T.5
statutes, American, R12.2-R12.3
statutes, foreign, generally, R20.5-R20.7

Unpublished materials, R17
Unreported cases, R10.1, R10.8.1
“Use of,” changed to “ex rel.” in case names, R10.2.1(b)

citation rules and style guides, BT.2
sources of law, T.1